Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Adele Mary Reed

This set is by Adele Mary Reed, Adele M. Reed on Flickr.

They're all film photographs. Adele intentionally caused destruction on them - drunk on wine at 4am (not a situation you'd usually would mix well for photography but Adele clearly made it work!) she threw salt and sugar and vinegar and bleach and oven baked instax pictures, then held flames to c-type prints, cooked them and drowned them in bleach and water.

She says; "the results are expressions of frustration, anger towards things which felt out of human control and subsequently an act of rebellion - turning traditional techniques inside out in attempt to reassure myself that I too could revert back to the way things should be."

These final three have been selected from Adele's flickr, they might not have been manipulated but they're still absolutely beautiful.

Also, please check out Adele's website. There's some more really beautiful work on there. We definitely think Adele has an exciting photographic career ahead of her and we wish her the best of luck!

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