Friday, 4 November 2011

Fysal Amirzada

These stunning photos are by Fysal Amirzada (fysalamirzada on flickr).

Fysal describes his process: 
“The film was soaked [in lemon juice] after exposure, given a few days to dry, then I hung it up in a blacked out room in my basement for about 12 hours, then just developed at wal-mart”

Fysal used a disposable camera to take the photos, and soaked the whole camera in the juice from real lemons.

We love the colours and tones of these photos, especially the hint of yellow light in the last one. Check out the full set here.

Hannah has a film ready to go so she will be trying this herself later on today, so after drying and developing time she should have something to show next week :) keep an eye out!


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  2. My film is currently drying out in the airing cupboard. I realised though that after I'd done it the film I used actually had some good photos on it, so it'll be a shame if it doesn't come out :(

  3. That's a shame :( Really hope it comes out good though!

  4. i absolutely love the colours here! i wanna give this trick ago. how did yours turn out hannah?

  5. Hey Karina,

    Mine are in the shop as we speak, getting them back on monday so I'll post them then :)

  6. I just posted mine. They look NOTHING like this! Clearly I did something wrong :S


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