Thursday, 8 March 2012

Carlos Cancela Pinto

This breathtaking set is by Carlos Cancela Pinto (flickr / tumblr)

Carlos followed me on tumblr, and I'm so impressed by his work. The colours, grain, light, just everything is perfect!

Carlos is a self-taught photographer from Portugal who shoots with analogue cameras.
He says:
"Film is for me the best medium.

 I always seek beautiful natural light, and I try to make the best fit with the surround nature (in a most pure state as possible) and people in order to capture a good photo. The interaction between nature, light and man is my recurring theme.

Usually I use expired film, which gives incredible tones and colours. I always try and experiment with different ways to use film. Sometimes the results are a complete surprise. That´s the magic of film!"

Find more here: Cargo  /  Flickr

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