Monday, 16 January 2012

Luca Vincenzo

The very talented Luca Vicenzo (check out his website here) got in contact with us via the email address listed somewhere on this page ( in case you were wondering, or also for chief contributor Hannah, who is more likely to check her emails!) to make us aware of his photography, and we're so glad he did. We LOVE his work! The colours and lighting are so wonderful, and the grain on the film photos adds such a wonderful touch.

Luca has used several cameras for these shots, including disposables, an Olympus Trip 35 and a Pentax K1000. You'll have to take a look at his website to find out which camera fits with each photo! They're also all completely unedited, which we always like to see.

We find most of our photographers on Flickr and ask for their permission to do a feature on them, but we'd love if more of you approached us (email us or comment on a post) so we can be made aware of who out there likes to experiment with photography. So get in touch! We may still be only a small blog but we are growing!

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