Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Julia Topaz

The lovely Julia Topaz (juliatopaz on Flickr) has just blogged a lovely post featuring my photography work (check it out here) :)

To return the favour here is some of her own brilliant work experimenting with a disposable camera:

As I previously posted, my attempts at slamming the camera failed miserably, but Julia has achieved a wonderful result (photo 2) she's also managed to get a great double exposure (final photo) and I think the two flower photos are simply beautiful :)

Julia says she doesn't consider herself a photographer in any way (her blog is mostly fashion) but she clearly has natural talent for achieving something creative with a disposable camera!


  1. oh- and all my hand slamming shots didn't turn out that well, but I've found a method that seems to work well. Hold your knee up to where you'd like the camera to end up and slam it on your knee. Usually works on the first try AND you always shoot what you mean to shoot because your knee doesn't move as much as your hand. I've gotten some really strange looks from passerbys however haha

  2. That's certainly a different way of doing it! At least it would prevent all those photos with fingers in the way! I'll have to give it a try (probably when there's no one else around! haha)


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