Monday, 28 May 2012

Makenna Snyder

This set is by Makenna Snyder (Flickr)

Makenna likes to get creative with whatever camera she's using, and the lights leaks are usually accidental.  She says she always photographs the things she loves in the places she loves.

We think that's a very important and great attitude to have when it comes to photography, because then that photo will always mean something to you.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mel Mohd Nor

This set is by Mel Mohd Nor (Mello Neko on Flickr)

The intense colours and composition of Mel's work are simply amazing. We're in love with her work.

Also check out Mel's blog, Cool Girls Shoot Film :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Jared Elizares

This stunning collection of light leaks is by Jared Elizares (je m'appelle j. rad on Flickr)

What an amazing colour palette!

Jared says of his work; "So, I've been collecting film cameras for a while. My dad was cleaning out his garage and found an unused Kodak disposable that expired in 2009... He gave it to me last year, but I hadn't gotten around to shooting it until recently.

Lately, I've been preoccupied by shooting technically advanced cameras, like medium format SLRs. Unfortunately, messing around with knobs and dials I end up missing the moment that I initially wanted to capture! 

Thus, on a recent photo walk with my Lomography coworker, I thought that I'd take the disposable so that I could simplify things and just shoot. I expected the exposure to be a bit off; However, I didn't know how long the camera was in my father's garage. The Arizona summers are blazing hot, so the camera had basically baked for years! 

The colors are beautiful, even if unexpected. I'm definitely going to be shooting more disposable. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to give up control over an image and just work with a fixed lens and a simple camera! I'd also be interested in baking my own films in the future.


Monday, 7 May 2012

Callie Preston

This week's featured photographer is Callie Preston (CalliePreston on Flickr)

Callie's work with multiple exposures and light leaks is amazing, and she's captured bokeh so well (something we're envious of!)

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