Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lisa Smit

This set is by Lisa Smit. Check out her flickr here.

Lisa took all these photos while in Prague but sadly the camera she used died upon her return.

Although light leaks are a blight to some photographers, we personally love them! They add a mysterious quality to these photos, and the city seems simply magical. These leaks are quite extraordinary.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

E. Flévaris

This set is by E. Flévaris (flevaris.vac on Flickr) You can also find a full set of links for his other work here.

E. Flévaris thinks of his cameras as his little family – he says they’re a family of 17 all from different decades from 35mm , 120 to 110 and APS and he loves them all!

He likes to experiment with his range of cameras, and doesn’t have a particular technique. E. Flévaris says he prefers old cameras because they always have some slight problems in function that we can’t control, so it's like the camera makes it's own decision.

E. Flévaris’ goal when shooting is to create something that will generate a warm feeling to the viewer, to make them think and feel and dream, and make a story in their own mind.

These particular photos are a visual memory of his last summer in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Cool Way To Display Your Favourite Snaps

9 weeks to go!

These funky photo accordions are available from the Lomography online shop.

They come in a variety of patterns (Möbius, Quadrat, Cubic and Domino) and are a unique way of displaying your favourite photographs. Each one can display 14 prints.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Finn Perez

This set is by Finn Perez. Check out his flickr here.

Finn shot these photos using a vintage Ricoh AF-70 which he got from a friend. He says he likes this camera because it brings back memories from when his parents used to have this type of camera in the 80s.  And since Finn and his friend have been collecting different kinds of vintage cameras, he wanted to do all sorts of styles in photography as well.

Finn says: “Utilizing each camera with their unique characteristics is way more satisfying. It's more exciting to try the old ways of photographic techniques rather than be contented with what digital can offer nowadays. Although I also own digital camera, I use film for special shoots. I just love how films surprise you with beautiful flaws and spontaneous natural effects.”

We personally love the subject matter in each of Finn's photographs - he's clearly been to some weird and wonderful places! And they're framed perfectly - great work.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tattoos To Share With Your Friends

10 weeks to go!

Today's gift idea is these cute little camera tattoos. Available from our favourite online camera store, PhotoJoJo, you get 12 tattoos in the set - perfect for sharing with your camera loving friends! They come in a cute little gift box tied up with a bow, so they're perfect for christmas presents.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nikki Ditter

This set is by Nikkie Ditter (eltigretienehambre on Flickr)

Nikki shoots mostly with a Minolta XG7 but she also uses disposable cameras. she enjoys shooting landscapes, people, shadows, and silouhettes. Nikki 
started frequently taking pictures a few years ago to document her life, but later on she realised she really liked the photography aspect of shooting as well.

Nikki says: "I liked the look of film, so I began incorporating disposable cameras into my shooting. Last summer I inherited my grandfather's old Minolta XG7 and since then haven't really put it down. I now shoot almost exclusively on it because it takes nice clear photos but is also a little unpredictable, like with light leaks"

We love this collection; her photos have a delicate quality to them and a lovely tone.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

DIY Kits To Make Your Own Gifts

11 weeks to go!

Some super cute DIY camera kits this week - perfect for the camera and craft lover!

(definitely worth checking out this Etsy seller - Mel has an amazing collection of items for sale!)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Pop Cam

It's been a while since I posted any of my photos on here, so I thought I'd change that!

This set was all taken on my Pop Cam. I bought mine from kitschretro on ebay, but you can also get it from IWOOT.

Just like regular Action Sampler cameras but with 4 coloured lenses, the Pop Cam is really easy to use and you can get some great results! I took mine to Brighton with me....

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