Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Vida Lercari

This set is by Vida Lercari (Time To Live on Flickr)

There is such a beautiful quality to these photographs. Even more amazing is that the girl behind the camera is only 15! Amazing.


Top contributor Hannah has a craft shop on Folksy (Wishcathcher Crafts) and we've had a look at some of the camera accessories for sale by other crafters. Here are our favourites:

Show your allegiance to your chosen camera brand with these Camera Girl Badges by Mrs Eliot Books

These next three are all by Cut Copy Create:
(definitely check out this shop, lots of lovely camera related items in it!)
Diana Keychain
And of course we had to feature some of Hannah's own camera related items for sale!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Holly Swick

This set is by Holly Swick (♥Hollylovesfilm♥ on Flickr)

I think what we love most about Holly's work is that she's capable of getting amazing photographs regardless of what camera she uses. The photos below are all from different cameras (we've listed which ones!) and they're all equally as stunning as each other.

Disposable camera

Holly says of her work:
"I really think there is something special about taking a photo and having to wait days, weeks or even months before seeing what it looks like. My favorite photos are the ones that have light leaks, light streaks, lense flares, burn marks, and any other so called mistakes that I like to think of as beauty marks."

Diana F+ Keychains

These are so cute! They're very reasonably priced at £4.90 each from the Lomography shop, and if you didn't have to pay £5 delivery (we believe delivery shouldn't be more than the actual thing you're buying) we'd definitely be getting some!

Visit lady rippingham on ebay, she's got them for £4.50 each with free delivery! Bargain :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Julia Yusupov

We love a good light leak here at 27 Kodak Moments, so we were instantly captivated when we discovered Julia Yusupov on Flickr. Julia's photos have a lovely, almost delicate quality to them, and the film grain just adds to the overall effect. Beautiful.

Make sure you check out her Flickr, and also her Tumblr :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kathleen Marie

This set is by Kathleen Maria (imploding_ on Flickr) Kathleen has used a variety of different methods for these photographs, with really extraordinary effects.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cecilia Almirón Rivas

These stunning double exposures are by Cecilia Almirón Rivas (Flickr) (and the drinks one we just love, the colours are beautiful!)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Crappy Disposable Produced These

Actually uploading some of my own photos to here for a change :)

This set is from a crappy little disposable camera that I got from the 99p store. (You can see what they look like in the photo of my camera collection in this post) I love, love, love the grain in the cut trees photos. It's not very professional but I just really like film grain! And the end of roll burn in the first photo livens up what would be an otherwise dark and wasted photo of the forest. Disappointingly I only got about 8 photos back from this whole camera (of 24 exposures) so don't quite know what happened there :S

Anyone who reads my regular blog will know that my dad bought me a Praktica L2 for my birthday, and I got my first roll of film back today! (FYI, UK people, don't get your film developed at Jessops. They're so much more expensive than anywhere else and I only got half a film set back from one of my disposables :( ) Anyways, the Praktica works! Really good quality photos as well. A couple were out of focus (I like how you can focus this camera, although clearly I need more practice at this) and some were overexposed (again something you can fiddle with yourself) so a few more tries and I should be getting some great results from this camera!
I chose this particular photo to upload (I like to upload 5 a day and I already had 4 disposables) because of the light leak on the left, I think it adds a lovely finish to the photo :)

Adele Mary Reed

This set is by Adele Mary Reed, Adele M. Reed on Flickr.

They're all film photographs. Adele intentionally caused destruction on them - drunk on wine at 4am (not a situation you'd usually would mix well for photography but Adele clearly made it work!) she threw salt and sugar and vinegar and bleach and oven baked instax pictures, then held flames to c-type prints, cooked them and drowned them in bleach and water.

She says; "the results are expressions of frustration, anger towards things which felt out of human control and subsequently an act of rebellion - turning traditional techniques inside out in attempt to reassure myself that I too could revert back to the way things should be."

These final three have been selected from Adele's flickr, they might not have been manipulated but they're still absolutely beautiful.

Also, please check out Adele's website. There's some more really beautiful work on there. We definitely think Adele has an exciting photographic career ahead of her and we wish her the best of luck!
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