Thursday, 1 December 2011

Twin Lens Holga

A super cute little camera for the wishlist, available from the Photojojo store :)

Description from Photojojo
TIM's smile can harness the power of a hundred light bulbs. His eyes have the ability to block out the sun's mighty rays. His forehead? Oh, it just bathes everything in its path with glorious, vibrant color.

What can your face do?

TIM isn't one to brag (as you can tell by his humble expression), so we'll do the bragging for him. He's the Twin Image Maker, a double lens camera that shoots half-frame and 3-D photos.
Equipped with a detachable color filter flash and a list of features that'll make any film fan drool, he's kind of like 10 cameras in 1.

Half the fun is in his eyes. Shoot half-frames by closing his "eyes" one at a time. Or shoot 3-D images by keeping both open.

And just when he's filled your mind with 50+ shooting experiments, he'll multiply that 10-fold with a multi-exposure button, a Bulb option for long exposures, and a "mouth" that controls aperture.

All the while his fixed focus plastic lens gives us all the vignetting and beautiful lo-fi 35mm goodness that we love, just like his Holga cousins.

He's a half-frame/3-D/Holga/colorsplash wonder all rolled into one lightweight, portable camera. Is there anything TIM's face can't do? (Nope!)

How photos from this camera can come out:

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