Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Karly Brecher

This set is by Karly Brecher (karlyrebecca on Flickr)

Karly shoots with a Canon AE-1 Program. She uses whatever film she can get her hands on, which is usually the cheapest. She took two years of black and white film photography classes at her high school and continued on her own afterwards. Karly says she doesn't consider herself a photographer at all, she just likes taking pictures! 

Karly started screwing around with film when her friend Maya dipped her film in water to mess with the colors. Most of the photos featured here were pre-soaked in bleach, salt and she reckons probably some other random stuff she found in her kitchen! 

A big fan of "happy accidents", Karly says she wasn't bothered when the photo lab messed up the framing of her shots. We think it adds perfectly to the images, especially with the brilliant pinks and reds.

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