Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kate Van Genderen

This set is by Kate Van Genderen (somethingdutch on Flickr)

Kate lives in Helena, Montana, she studies Art History, and she has a fascination with patterns, ceilings and laminating things. She usually shoots with her mother's old Olympus OM-G and her f/1.4 lens, or her f/2.8 shift lens, or with an old Minolta Talk-O-Matic that she got at a thrift store for a quarter. 

Kate says she can't afford nice equipment, but it's the eye that makes the picture. Although we think she's achieved some remarkable photographs so clearly she doesn't need expensive equipment!


Photography is my way of warping the world into something I enjoy- even dirty or dark places can be twisted into other worldly environments that I want to remember. In that way, my pictures are incredibly biased, and somewhat secretive. 

Making photographs is also a way for me to have my life feel more compelling- having impromptu photo shoots in front yards or cavorting at the county fair suddenly seem like events that are worth remembering, even if in the regular scope of life they are perfectly mundane". - Kate Van Genderen

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