Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Blue Ribbon 35mm Camera.

Ok so the first non digital camera we're going to review is this: the Blue Ribbon 35mm Super Fat Lens Camera, sold by SuperHeadz.

This is a really cute little camera. It's basically a point and shoot and very user friendly. It also has a nice rubber like casing and the blue is such a great, vivid colour.

A couple of examples of how photographs shot on this camera should look:

How our photos turned out. They're a bit more grainy but that might have something to do with the 99p store film we used! The lovely burn in the first photo is because it was the first exposure on the roll.
This camera is really good for shooting landscapes, as you can fit more in the frame. Already mentioned in the title, but this camera uses regular 35mm film so there's no problems with developing :)

This little camera is a really good price of only £18 on Amazon.co.uk for the blue version, and it also comes in a broad range of other colours, although they are a little bit more pricey. Check out the full range on Amazon now by clicking the link below :)


Have you used this camera? Let us know what you though of it!

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