Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kodak FunSaver.

My apologies for the awful quality of these photographs, my SLR didn't seem to want to work so I had to use my phone :(

So anyways, this is the current disposable I'm using. I realise the drawback of not having documented my journey from the start means I didn't photograph each camera variation. I did make note of each one, but when you take several cameras into be developed all at the same time it's hard to know which is which! Something I'm not planning to do in the future. I shoot film as well so there's usually at least five different sets coming back at once!

Onto the camera. 
I love this disposable. It's so easy to use and mess with. And not a bad price. I usually get them from Asda but I'm starting to find them cheaper online. Amazon has a good selection from various users. 
It's not the cheapest hobby, especially as development is at least £3.99, but you can't play with real cameras the same way, and it doesn't matter if you take it too far. Bonus.

So as you can see this camera has a blue coloured flash. The lens is a bit hard to see but it's actually painted using five different nail polishes. I've seen examples with paint which work quite well, but because nail polish is usually pretty thin I find it works best to not clog up the lens. So on this one there's yellow, pink, blue, red and glitter nail polish. I've tried to just paint around the edge and keep the centre of the lens clear.

Due to the flash on this one it's easy to slam it against your hand to get it to fire again, but I'm still struggling with not getting my fingers in the way. (I'll post some of my biggest fails later on!) I've already posted some examples of the slamming technique with this camera.

I feel I've waffled on enough now. This is definitely my disposable of choice, even though I've only tried a couple! They're a lot more difficult to come by nowadays, which is a real shame.


~ Hannah Curson

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  1. I use this camera but I've never messed around with it like this, might have to give it a shot.


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