Saturday, 15 October 2011

How to Reload a Used Disposable Camera.

This is a Konica disposable camera that you can reload and do multiple exposures.

With some work you can reload almost any disposable camera. No special tools, no mods, no surgical interventions. All you need is a new film, a little screw driver and a empty disposable camera like the Konica brand. The original author of this article says Kodak cameras still need some modification, but they are working to solve this :)

Good Luck!

P.S. Do it in a dark room or in a changing bag (remember that films are sensitive to light). So you might need some training with this trick before you try real film in the dark.

A helpful comment from someone who has tried this out:

Beware of the electric shock while working with disposable cameras with flash!! Don't touch any metallic terminal inside the camera! I've experienced this and is not funny at all, believe me!

(This was seconded, thirded and then fourthed so clearly this is good advice!)

Check out the original article (here) where you can see a video on how to reload the camera.

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