Thursday, 13 October 2011

FujiFilm QuickSnap 400.

My very first experiments with disposable were done with a Fujifilm QuickSnap 400.
It was very cheaply available so I thought I'd give it a try.

For my first experiments I coloured the flash in with a green sharpie and painted over the lens with yellow nail polish.

My main objective however was to try out the 'slamming against your hand' trick I'd read about. The aim is to basically get the flash to fire a second time, therefore making a second exposure. If you've ever tried to double expose on a disposable you'll know that the button won't press without having wound the camera on, therefore lining up a new exposure. This method is supposed to take a second photo over the first.

I, however, found it incredibly difficult with this camera. Not only did I have an incredibly sore hand by the end, but because you have to push a button up to charge the flash (not shown on these photos because they're a slightly older model than the version I used) but it meant as soon as you whacked the camera on your hand, the button would move itself down again, so the flash couldn't go off. And it was very difficult to hold the button in place without your hand covering the lens :S

So all in all, I wouldn't recommend this camera if you want to try the double exposure trick, but for messing with it in other ways it's pretty good.


~ Hannah Curson

Results from this camera:

(These all had green sharpie on the flash and yellow nail polish painted over the lens)

This photograph was also from this camera, although I didn't alter the camera in any way.

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