Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Little Update

Hi all :)

We've got some, we think exciting, ideas in the pipeline. Firstly we're planning to create a '27 Kodak Moments' group on Flickr. Most successful photo blogs have corresponding flickr groups, to allow people to submit to the group for a feature on the blog and things like that. We're still a newish blog so we're not too picky about who we feature; at the moment we're approaching photographers asking to feature their work, to build a following and get some exposure, but we're hoping in the future more people will approach us. So we're hoping the flickr group will allow us to do this. Good idea? We don't actually know if the '27 Kodak Moments' name is already taken on flickr, but let's hope not!

Secondly, it's just been our main contributor Hannah's birthday (happy birthday!) and she got a few new (and old) cameras and has also bought a few for herself so we're hoping to do some more camera reviews in the future!

Also we hope you're enjoying the new layout, especially the featured photographers list on the right hand side, complete with thumbnail link to their feature. That'll constantly be updated as we feature more photographers, although we may have to change it again in the future as it already takes up rather a lot of space! Any blog experts have any ideas for us?

So that's about all for now. We'd love to hear from you!

Kodak Moments


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