Thursday, 19 January 2012

We're on Flickr!

The 27 Kodak Moments Flickr group is now up and running! The 'Get Featured' button on the right of the screen (above featured photographers) is a click through link to the group, and the group links back here.

We're hoping it'll be easier for people to submit this way. We've put a limit of 4 photos a day on, just in case, and we've set it so they have to be approved before being submitted. We've not done this to exclude anyone's photographs, it's more so we know when new images have been submitted and it'll be easier to go through them to sort out the features.

We're (well Hannah is) in the process of inviting everyone we've featured here to the group, as well as the photos used in their features. Within 10 minutes we had 4 members so we're hoping this'll grow quickly! Then we'll definitely have to find a new way of displaying the featured photographers like we mentioned in an earlier post!

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