Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Crappy Disposable Produced These

Actually uploading some of my own photos to here for a change :)

This set is from a crappy little disposable camera that I got from the 99p store. (You can see what they look like in the photo of my camera collection in this post) I love, love, love the grain in the cut trees photos. It's not very professional but I just really like film grain! And the end of roll burn in the first photo livens up what would be an otherwise dark and wasted photo of the forest. Disappointingly I only got about 8 photos back from this whole camera (of 24 exposures) so don't quite know what happened there :S

Anyone who reads my regular blog will know that my dad bought me a Praktica L2 for my birthday, and I got my first roll of film back today! (FYI, UK people, don't get your film developed at Jessops. They're so much more expensive than anywhere else and I only got half a film set back from one of my disposables :( ) Anyways, the Praktica works! Really good quality photos as well. A couple were out of focus (I like how you can focus this camera, although clearly I need more practice at this) and some were overexposed (again something you can fiddle with yourself) so a few more tries and I should be getting some great results from this camera!
I chose this particular photo to upload (I like to upload 5 a day and I already had 4 disposables) because of the light leak on the left, I think it adds a lovely finish to the photo :)

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