Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hannah Platt

This set is by Hannah Platt (check out her flickr here)

Hannah shot most of these with a Canon AE-1 using a 50mm lens.  This camera has only just started to leak light onto the photographs, which Hannah thinks adds to the effect of some of her work, but actually ruins a lot of her portraits.

Hannah says she's really into portraiture at the moment and capturing friends and people in general in their natural surroundings in a documentary style. This leads her to capturing either landscapes or surrounding areas too, which works well with the portraits.

Hannah is currently studying a Photography Degree at Leeds College of Art and portraiture is something she would really like to pursue.

Hannah has a real talent for capturing a moment, especially with her portraits which make you think about the story behind them. A definite skill which will make her go far.

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