Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nikki Ditter

This set is by Nikkie Ditter (eltigretienehambre on Flickr)

Nikki shoots mostly with a Minolta XG7 but she also uses disposable cameras. she enjoys shooting landscapes, people, shadows, and silouhettes. Nikki 
started frequently taking pictures a few years ago to document her life, but later on she realised she really liked the photography aspect of shooting as well.

Nikki says: "I liked the look of film, so I began incorporating disposable cameras into my shooting. Last summer I inherited my grandfather's old Minolta XG7 and since then haven't really put it down. I now shoot almost exclusively on it because it takes nice clear photos but is also a little unpredictable, like with light leaks"

We love this collection; her photos have a delicate quality to them and a lovely tone.

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