Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Finn Perez

This set is by Finn Perez. Check out his flickr here.

Finn shot these photos using a vintage Ricoh AF-70 which he got from a friend. He says he likes this camera because it brings back memories from when his parents used to have this type of camera in the 80s.  And since Finn and his friend have been collecting different kinds of vintage cameras, he wanted to do all sorts of styles in photography as well.

Finn says: “Utilizing each camera with their unique characteristics is way more satisfying. It's more exciting to try the old ways of photographic techniques rather than be contented with what digital can offer nowadays. Although I also own digital camera, I use film for special shoots. I just love how films surprise you with beautiful flaws and spontaneous natural effects.”

We personally love the subject matter in each of Finn's photographs - he's clearly been to some weird and wonderful places! And they're framed perfectly - great work.

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