Wednesday, 24 October 2012

E. Flévaris

This set is by E. Flévaris (flevaris.vac on Flickr) You can also find a full set of links for his other work here.

E. Flévaris thinks of his cameras as his little family – he says they’re a family of 17 all from different decades from 35mm , 120 to 110 and APS and he loves them all!

He likes to experiment with his range of cameras, and doesn’t have a particular technique. E. Flévaris says he prefers old cameras because they always have some slight problems in function that we can’t control, so it's like the camera makes it's own decision.

E. Flévaris’ goal when shooting is to create something that will generate a warm feeling to the viewer, to make them think and feel and dream, and make a story in their own mind.

These particular photos are a visual memory of his last summer in Sweden and the Netherlands.

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