Thursday, 10 November 2011

Jelly Lens.

My jelly lens came today :)
I bought the starburst one (although I bought it from this seller on ebay, so it's actually green)

I haven't really used it much yet but I'll tell you what I think so far. I'm not overly impressed. Yes it fits well on the back of my blackberry (although I not with a case on because it sticks a little too well), but the back cover doesn't stay attached very well so it's going to quickly lose it's stickiness. You can't use the zoom while it's attached.

I haven't really taken many photos yet so I don't know how well it performs, but the photo below is a quick example. It does blur the edge slightly in a quite nice effect, but it's not really very noticeable. I think I need to try it in better lighting, with something actually in the background so you can see the effect it has.

However, it was ridiculously cheap. So even though I can't actually attach it to my phone because I don't have the two little holes (I'm sure they have an actual name) that the lanyard loops through, it's kinda fun and because it's cheap you can play around with a few different ones. I like the way they all look together, so I might be persuaded to buy some more in the future!

[I'll update this when I've taken some proper photos!)

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