Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lemon Juice Experiments

I got my film back today that I'd soaked in lemon juice. I think it's safe to say, it was a failure. I'd soaked the film, in it's canister, in lemon juice (from one of those lemon shaped bottles, I think it might have worked better in fresh lemon juice :S) for 3 hours (I meant to leave it for only 2 but I forgot about it) then rinsed it and put it in the airing cupboard for 3 days. The outer plastic had melted a little bit when I took it out so that can't have helped much either :s it then sat in room temperature for another day before I took it in to be developed.

Here's the annoying part - I also took in a disposable camera at the same time. I'd messed around with the lens and flash on this, but the film stayed completely dry. Or so I thought. I will admit to putting the camera and the film in a plastic bag together to carry them to the shop, but they weren't in there for long. Apparently it was long enough though, because from the 54 photos I should have got back, I only got 14 :( I also got a roll of negatives with nothing on them, so I don't know how the disposable messed up so much that nothing came out (unless the photos I did get back were from the disposable, which they may have been, I'm not entirely sure. Although now as I try to remember what was on each film it makes more sense for the ones that came back to have been from the disposable)

So here's what I did get back:

It just annoys me to think of the things I'd taken photos of that didn't come out; a trip to Cambridge, the most amazing christmas shop in Sudbury (too far to go back for) and the bridal flower section of a garden centre. I guess that's what you have to deal with when you experiment with film like this though! If I do try again at some point, I think I'll stick to generic shots!

Flickr set - Disposable


  1. So, so disappointed for you Hannah! What you did get looks pretty good though :)

  2. Yeah, I like what I got. I can't help feeling disappointed (pissed off) that nothing came from the other one (I did exactly (almost) as several other people had done with their lemon juice films) and really, really annoyed that the disposable got wet!

    I think I'll stick to dry experiments in the future...

  3. They still look awesome though!

  4. I know Cambridge is so beautiful, I guess I'll just have to visit again to take some more photos!


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