Tuesday, 1 November 2011

LOMO Action Sampler Review.

Ok so this is the Action Sampler camera I have:

(bought here)

I've had one film developed so far. I'm not sure about the results, I mean I like how they look but I don't think they really capture the "action".

It's very easy to use, it has a [pretty pathetic] "viewfinder" on top that you lift up (it's really just a square but of plastic, hollow in the middle!) It makes a very strange noise when you take the photo, sort of like a grinding, it's just very loud!

I love this one:
No action at all, but it's from the end of the film, hence the lovely light leak. 

You can just about see the fish move in this, they were moving pretty slowly at the time.

You can see some movement in the seals.

A slight issue I've found with this camera; several of the photos from this film have finger marks in the way. The odd thing is that it's not in all 4 pictures, and it's not in the last one, where you would expect it, it's usually in the first and third sections. This strikes me as a bit odd, I mean how did I manage to get my finger in the way for those sections but not the others!? The photo takes really fast so it's not like it's because of the time it's taking the photo. Very weird.

I guess you have to be shooting something that's moving really fast for this camera to shoot properly. It may just be because I don't think this is a real Lomography camera, I got it off ebay. So maybe stick to an proper version from Lomography or Amazon.

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