Thursday, 10 November 2011

Plastic Cameras - Michelle Bates.

Another book for the wishlist :)

"Following the success of the first edition, the second edition makes Plastic Cameras even more comprehensive and up to date. This book provides extensive how-to information to get you started and a new section on alternative processes for the advanced photographers. This ultimate guide is also packed with many inspiring photos by world renowned Holga artists such as Sylvia Plachy, Michael Kenna, Thomas Michael Alleman, Brigitte Grignet, Christopher James and many other additions." - Holga Inspire Newsletter

"This volume brings together the world of toy camera photography, including the history of their use, exhaustive instructions, tips and tricks for getting the most out of Holgas and other choice cameras, advanced camera modifications, darkroom and presentation information, and resources for continued research and sharing." - Photography Blog

From the Back Cover
Take a tour of the burgeoning world of plastic cameras and low-tech photography. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or toy camera neophyte, you'll find Plastic Cameras chock full of tantalizing tips, fun facts and, of course, absolutely striking photographs taken with the lowest-tech and simplest tools around.

I got me a Holga.  Now what?
Holgas need a little TLC before they're ready to go out into the world and start snapping. Plastic Cameras digs through all the different Holga models available, lays out their advantages and quirks and helps you get up to speed on all the prep you'll neeed to do to jump in on the toy-camera revolution.

What should I Feed my Plastic Camera?
Holgas, Dianas, and other toy cameras can use many types of film. Plastic Cameras lays all their pros and cons out on the line letting you get some images you want, and some you could just never imagine.

Can Toy Cameras Come Out to Play?
Plastic Cameras will help you steer your way through all the details and quirks of taking wonderful and weird pictures with your toy camera. We'll explore possible subjects and the best way to shoot them and play with all sorts of techniques from vignetting, to multiple exposures, to panoramas, close-ups, movement, night photography, flare, flash, color and more.


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  1. I'd quite like this one too, let me borrow it if you get it!?


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